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We specialise in Personalised Funeral and Memorial Services

A Personalised Funeral or Memorial Ceremony offers a unique and sensitive alternative to a traditional funeral. It gives you the opportunity to celebrate your loved one’s life and parting.

Let us provide you with a ceremony, celebrating and commemorating the life that has been lives in a compassionate and sensitive manner.

Our ceremonies have no religious content, although prayers or hymns may be included at your request.

We will meet with you to talk about the person that has died and discuss the type of ceremony you would like.

We will gather information to create a personal tribute and offer a wide selection of suitable readings. You may wish to include music, poetry or readings that have a special significance for the deceased. There may be members of your family or friends who would like to speak at the ceremony.

Gwyn is well known for writing personalised poems using details and personal facts from the life of the person lived, to provide a poem that can capture key points in a person’s life, including achievements, memorable occasions, humorous events etc.

Then, with compassion, sincerity and great care we will officiate the ceremony at the funeral home, crematorium, cemetery or any location of your choice.

Each ceremony is a unique celebration of life, design and conducted to reflect your wishes and those of your loves one.

After the funeral, we will present your family with a personalised copy of the ceremony as keepsake.

What Is A Funeral Celebrant

A Funeral Celebrant is a person who can help plan, write and lead a Funeral service.

People from all walks of life choose to become a celebrant but all are motivated by a strong desire to help families give the person who has died a good send-off, one that honours, gives thanks for, and, even, celebrates a life.

Some Celebrants are introduced to families by a Funeral Director, others are approached directly. Either way, all will work closely with the family and the funeral director to ensure everything goes to plan.

Celebrants are creative, alternative, ceremonial leaders. They are an excellent choice for those who want to honour the life of a deceased loved one. Ceremonies that may or may not be religious in nature, but that are both deeply moving and meaningful for those who are bereaved.


Alison and Gwyn Davies


Alison: 07572 544 409

Gwyn: 07831 692 480

Landline: 01443 451 782







Welsh Religious Trends

Nearly one third of people in Wales have no religion, according to census data.

A total of 58% (1.8m) give Christianity as their belief, a 14% drop since 2001, a larger fall than any English region.

But a total of 32% in Wales said they had no religion, the highest total was in Blaenau Gwent with 41.1%; the lowest in Flintshire with 25.4%.

The Church in Wales said Christianity is “no longer the default setting” for many people but the picture is complex.

A quarter of the population in Wales and England as a whole said they have no religion.

This was a rise of 10% from 15% (7.7 million) in 2001 to 14.1 million in 2011.


But the proportion in Wales with no religion was higher than across Wales and England as a whole.

Those stating that they were Muslim in Wales is 1.5% – up from 0.7% – with the highest proportion in Cardiff (6.8%) and Newport (4.7%).

There were also slight increases in the percentage of people who said they were Hindu or Buddhist – both up from 0.2% to 0.3%.

There was also a rise in people saying they had other faiths – from 0.2% to 0.4%

The percentage who said they were Sikh or Jewish remained unchanged between 2001 and 2011 at 0.1%.

The Church in Wales said the figures show that Christianity “is no longer the default setting it once was for many people in Wales”.

“Today we find people go to church because they want to, not because they feel they have to or because it’s the place to see and be seen,” she said.
“It should also be borne in mind that statistics can’t show the whole picture in matters of faith.

“The past few months, for example, have seen people in different parts of Wales turn to churches in their thousands following various tragic events: in Machynlleth, in Ely, in St Asaph.

“People find God when life gets tough and it is the Church’s privilege to be there for them whenever and wherever we may be needed.”

Canon Bob Reardon, communications officer for the Catholic diocese in Cardiff, said the faith communities were already aware of the challenges shown up by the figures.

“It’s apparent in organised religion there has been a decline but that’s not to say there is not a spiritual side to people,” he said.

“There is still a spiritual dimension to how people live their lives, that is something we all share.”

Meirion Morris, general secretary of the Presbyterian Church of Wales, said that despite “rumours to the contrary”, the census showed that almost 60% of the population of Wales still considered themselves to be Christian.

“As a bilingual denomination that serves communities across Wales we are aware of this underlying sense of belonging to the Christian tradition,” he said.

“However, we are also realistic and know that the level of this commitment varies enormously, and that during the last century the life of the church has become increasingly marginalised.”

He said churches were seeking to find “relevant ways of reaching our communities”.

Dr Geraint Tudur, general secretary of the Union of Welsh Independent Churches, which represents nearly 450 chapels in Wales, said: “In what’s often called a secular society, it’s amazing and uplifting that 58% of Welsh people still consider themselves to be Christians.

“Although only a minority attend services and other religious events, it’s obvious that there’s still a strong sense of loyalty and affection towards Christianity in Wales.”

images (12)

Lorraine Barrett, a former Welsh assembly member who now works as a humanist celebrant, said it was interesting that people had the confidence to declare themselves of no religion or non-Christian.

And she said it meant a challenge for policymakers to ensure the non-religious were accommodated equally with faith groups.

She said: “People have almost felt obliged to say they have some sort of religion.

“Public policy is geared towards those with some sort of religious faith, they are given some sort of privilege or automatic right to be considered.

“For the establishment, whether the Welsh government or the UK government, it will give pause for thought when they are considering issues and how they interact with groups and societies.”

The religion question was the only voluntary question on the 2011 census.

Stephen Hicks from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) said: “Older people are more likely to affiliate with the Christian religion.

“Our snapshots have been showing (the decline) for a while and this wasn’t a surprise to us, this big change.”

Mr Hicks stressed that identifying with Christianity could be a cultural thing rather than signifying actual church attendance or even a belief in God, adding that the census did not ask about church-going activity.

Eulogies Around The World

Stuart Cable’s Funeral. Eulogy by Gwyn Davies


Steve Irwin’s Eulogy by his daughter Bindi


Michael Clarke Duncan’s Eulogy by Tom Hanks.


Graham Chapman’s Eulogy by John Cleese.


Beautiful Imperfections


Cher’s Eulogy to Sonny


Helping A Bereaved Friend

It’s often hard to know what to say or do when someone you care about is grieving. You may be afraid of intruding, saying the wrong thing, or making the person feel even worse. Or maybe you feel there’s little you can do to make things better. While you can’t take away the pain of the loss, you can provide much needed comfort and support. There are many ways to help a grieving friend or family member, starting with letting the person know you care.

  • Help the bereaved person contact friends and family to let them know of the funeral arrangements
  • Be a good listener, make yourself available and really listen.
  • Send a note or card showing the bereaved person that you are thinking of them and will be there for them if they need anything.
  • Phone or call in to see how the bereaved person is coping.
  • Attending the funeral or memorial service can be a real help.  Having friends around at this sad time can mean the world to the bereaved person.
  • Offer to carry out everyday tasks, eg. Shopping, walking the dog, doing the school run etc.
  • Try to encourage the bereaved person to get out of the house for an hour or so a week, eg. Going for a walk or exercising to help endorphin levels.
  • Be understanding, allow time for the grieving process. Just be there to offer any support you can.
  • If you feel they need professional help, offer to attend a support group to show your support.
  • Birthdays, anniversaries etc of the deceased can be extremely difficult times. Send a card or make a phonecall to reassure them they are not on their own.
  • Keep reminding them that although they have lost a loved one, they still have family and friends that care about them.



31st October 2018

Dear Alison,

I wanted to thank you again for celebrating Dad’s funeral yesterday. I’m sorry I didn’t really get to speak with you properly after the service, which was a lovely occasion.   Thank you too for the beautiful memorial booklet that you put together for us all. It will be a very nice reminder of the day and lead us to think on the wonderful memories from Dad’s life. 

Yours sincerely, 


27th October 2018

Hi Alison

Thank you for the eulogy at my Mum’s funeral
I will drop a line soon to thank you properly, but it was perfect  
Mark Simon Flagg

13th October 2018

Hi Alison,
I’d just like to thank you for the service, it was beautiful. Everyone have said how lovely it was and how nice of a service you done for our boy. The service book is gorgeous, I’m so thankful we got it to look back on as I didn’t take a lot in yesterday. You really are amazing at your job. Thank you so much. 
Adele. X

26th September 2018

Hi Alison,

Not as good with words as you but a big thank you for the service. It was perfect and we had comments on how well it was written and conducted.

Thank you again.

Take care

Paul and Tracey 

19th July 2018

Hi Alison,

Thank you for much for your lovely words and service for Betty.  You are such a good writer.  The words you said so very well. Meaningful, flowed naturally, beautifully given.  Thank you so much for giving me the words for the whole service.  They are beautifully written and produced.  I shall treasure them. It was lovely to meet you.  I couldn`t have wished for a better service.  It was lovely. 

I still think of Betty a lot, and feel her around me.  Will always miss her. 

Wishing you sincere kindest regards to you and your husband.  All to go really well for you both always.  If ever in Cardiff, always welcome to visit. 

Kind regards, 

Pam x

28th June 2018

Hi Alison
Just a message to thank you for Sam's funeral service. Lovely send off he had.
Tracey, Debbie & Danielle

24th June 2018

Hi Gwyn

Just wanted to drop a quick email to thank you on behalf of Jane & myself for providing a fantastic service for Mike it summoned him up to a tea and would have been so proud of the service provided.


19th June 2018

Hi Alison

Sorry it’s taken a while to write this email but from myself and all of the family we would like to say a very big Thank you for everything you did for Catherine’s service on Friday. It was perfect and just what we wanted to ensure she had the best send off as she deserved.

Thank you once again



31st May 2018

Dear Alison.
I would just like to say a big thank you for all that you have done for us and most importantly for our mum.
The readings, your poem selections were truly inspiring.

Personally, the support you have given me is incalculable and I shall cherish those brief moments to bring me some comfort for the road ahead.

Myself and Paul will be forever grateful for the wonderful service you gave to our mum. I have had some lovely testimonials from people who were there with us.
Long may you continue to bring support and words of wisdom to bereaved families that live on in the memory for years to come.

The sincerest and warmest thanks.


18th May 2018

Hi Alison,

Just a little note to say a big thank you for yesterday. I was really dreading it all but the service was lovely, just much more than I expected - brought a smile to my face even though I’d read it all before! You delivered it all perfectly. Many of my Dads friends came to comment how much they liked the service.
Thank you, you made a very difficult day a happy one, it did have some sad moments but it was such lovely send off. Just perfect.
All the best
Donna xx

30th April 2018

Dear Alison sorry I didn't speak to you at my dads funeral,  I would like to say a big thank you for doing the service for us it was lovely.

So once again a very big thank you from all of us.

 From All the Hewer family

9th April 2018

Hi Alison

Thank you ever so much for your service what an excellent job you did. I am sure mum would have approved I know I did. What a good idea to have the service printed into a booklet yes you were right a lovely shade of green.

Sorry I didn’t speak to you after the service I just wanted to go home.

Thanks again

Best wishes  Gill and family

4th April 2018

Hi Alison

Re: Service for Joan at the Briwnant Chapel on Wednesday 21st February

I am so sorry for the delay in writing to you but you are always in my thoughts. I cannot thank you enough for helping our family through the most difficult of times. We couldn't even think straight and wouldn't of known where to start but you wrote and carried out such a beautiful service for my mum and everyone commented on how lovely it was.

You do such a hard job and I just wanted you to know that what you do is gratefully appreciated.

Kind regards

Julie and family  xx

Hi Gwyn

Sorry haven’t been in touch been a busy week

Just wanted to thank you so much for the way you spoke at Chris's funeral ... it was such a beautiful service everyone who has been in touch have said same and complemented you and the way you spoke we really can’t thank you enough.

Thanks and kind regards


21st March 2018

Hi Alison,

Just a quick Email to say thank you for delivering the service for Dad yesterday. It was just how he would have wanted it.


Dave Prosser

13th March 2018

Hello Gwyn & Alison

I cant thank you enough for the lovely send off you gave my dad, Leighton Kendall,

for the beautiful remembrance book, And making it such a lovely service.

Thank you

Kerry x

13th March 2018

Hi Alison thank you so much for today you done us and my dad proud


13th March 2018


Thank you once again for conducting my Dads funeral service, it was put together superbly and you couldn’t have presented it any better than you did.
Kind Regards

9th March 2018

Thank you for the wonderful service at my brother's funeral today.
It was truly a celebration of Nigel's life and I was extremely pleased and felt uplifted at what was for me a very difficult time.
I cannot praise your total service enough – and for anyone considering a Humanist Funeral I can highly recommend "Human Touch Wales".

Alan Davies

8th March 2018


Thank you again for your good work yesterday. We all appreciated your calm, and your eulogy. We wouldn’t have coped very well without your help.

Thanks again


22nd February 2018

Hi Alison

I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely service yesterday. It was very much appreciated.

I was wondering if there was any possibility that we could possibly have 2 additional original copies of the service for us to have a copy each.

If you could let me know how much they would be then we could get something sorted.

Again many thanks for the lovely service.

Kind regards


20th February 2018


A huge thank you for your wonderful and memorable celebration of Dad's life yesterday.

It really was a fitting way to mark his passing. Nothing could have been more perfect.

Lost count of the number of attendees at Woodfield Park, Gwent Crematorium and the Bowls Centre who expressed many similar sentiments.

Had many a conversation yesterday afternoon, along the lines of "Well, I didn't know that about him!"

As much as funeral days can go, yesterday was absolutely perfect in every respect, and our sincere thanks once again to you for your wonderful officiating.


Ian & Sue

18th February 2018

Hi Alison, just wanted to drop you a quick line to Thankyou for mums service yesterday- it was beautifully done and we have had so many people get in contact to say what a lovely service it was, so personal and warm . My mum would be delighted . It’s clear that your own experiences have led to you conducting these sad occasions in the most thoughtful and dignified way. So once again, thanks for all of your support and professionalism .

Kind regards


15th February 2018

Hi Alison, a heartfelt thanks for creating a fabulous sendoff for our dad today. You did great with the long eulogy and apologizes for getting that to you so late yesterday and probably stressing you out. We all agreed today was such a great celebration of dad’s  life.

All our best wishes,

Jane (and Mark)

10th February 2018

Dear Gwyn

Thank you for the beautiful service for my mum ......You done us proud

Carole x

8th February 2018

Hello both

You did a great job at my Aunty’s funeral yesterday.

Many thanks.


27th January 2018

Hi Gwyn and Alison thank you for doing such a lovely service for my dad yesterday you really did capture his life thanks again

Joanne Bussell

23rd January 2018

Hi Gwyn,  thank you for letting me no how much was raised for Alzheimer's charity . Once again I would like to thank you for the wonderful service you gave everyone thought it was lovely you did my mum proud .

Kind regards to you and Alison

Lynne Vaughan

16th January 2018

Hello Gwyn and Alison,

Can I just thank you again for the beautiful speech, you made a hard day a lot easier to cope with.

Thank you
Donna Loxton

7th January 2018

Hi Alison

I just wanted to say thank you for carrying out John's service - it was lovely and everybody commented on how it was carried out.  I don't think some of John's relatives had ever been to one with that kind of format so it was a pleasant surprise for them and made a sad occasion much more bearable.

Many thanks again.



3rd January 2018

Hi Gwyn,

I’ve left a review on your Facebook page to thank you for your services in my Dads funeral.

You made the service very personal, many people asked if you knew my Dad as a friend. You didn’t but Ii know if you had met him in life you would have got on famously! You were the epitome of a kind, caring, strong Welshman that he was and you did him and us proud.

On behalf of my family, thank you so much,



12th December 2017

Dear Both

Thank you for a lovely service only one thing you put date of death 29 October and it was November .

Thanks Mrs lynne Merritt

8th December 2017

Dear Gwyn,

On behalf of the family Stuart and I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for your invaluable work on behalf of Laurence.

Your sympathetic approach greatly contributed to the service being exactly as we all wished and although we understand your not attending for refreshments afterwards, you were missed.

Laurence's ashed will be interred with our parents in Panteg cemetery in February, the date yet to be finalised: nearer the time we will contact you in the hope you will attend the brief ceremony.

In the meantime, thank you once again, and please give our kind regards to Alison.

Best wishes,

Margaret and Stuart.

22nd November 2017

Hello Alison,

Many many apologies for not speaking to you at the end of Mums funeral today I just assumed we would see you later at the Golf club. Every aspect of what happened today was superb. Thank you for your kind words about my mother.  Both Judith myself and my brother and sister would like to thank you for all your efforts today beautifully done .

Lee Morgan.

16th November 2017

Hi Alison

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday. You've been brilliant from start to finish.


9th November 2017

Hi Alison,

I thought it was a wonderful service and many people commented to this effect saying that they found it so personal.

Thanks once again from all the family for making a difficult day go a little easier.




21st October 2017

Just to say thank you for doing dad's service yesterday . Everyone has said how perfect it was and you just got the kind of man dad was . 

You made a very hard day much easier .

Thank you

Sarah Wallace 


20th October 2017

Dear Alison..I would like to thank you for a beautiful service on Tuesday I thought it went perfectly and also for the lovely book you compiled for dad I'm sure in time he'll take comfort from reading through it so thanks again......Tracy,Ken and Callum xx


20th October 2017

Thank you so much for all that you've done for us and making Cai's send off so special X


5th October 2017

Thank you gwyn for such a lovely celebration of Sandra's life today and for doing the family proud with such a fitting service you delivered today.

Thank you for all your time,effort and patients.

Kind regards

Maria,Anthony, Liam, Callum, conner,

Tyrone, saphia, Daniel, Keelan, Brooke & Joe



30th August 2017

Dear Alison

Just a quick note to say thank you for yesterday it was a lovely service and everyone said it was the best and could I tell them how to get in touch as they all want you for their own funeral which i think says it all so once again thank you



26th August 2017

Alison ,just to say thank you for a lovely service.Everyone present said

how nice it was.You made the day as good as it could be in the


best wishes

Steve Emberson


12th August 2017

Hi Gwyn

I would just like to say a heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing tribute and awesome send off you gave my darling husband Ricky.

Everyone said it was the loveliest service they have been to and that was all down to you so once again Thank You so much .



9th August 2017

Hi Alison. Thank you for your help and support at dad's funeral. You captured the essence of the story and conveyed it to the people at the funeral and brought it alive. A day dad would have thought appropriate. Thanks again. Les


25th July 2017

Good morning

Firstly let me thank you for providing an excellent service for my uncle Brian on behalf of Jean and Christopher's.

We had excellent feedback from all in attendance for the service you provided, which made the family feel at ease at this difficult time.

Thank you Lee and Alison for all your support and it was a pleasure in meeting you although in trying times

Many thanks



21st July 2017

Hi both

Firstly, apologies for not emailing sooner, my head is still mush as you can imagine. However I want to let you know how grateful I am for all you help and support over the last few weeks. Steve's funeral was just how I wanted it to be. You did a fantastic job and I want to say "Thank You"

You will not believe how many people came up to me saying it way a lovely service, a few asked if you knew Steve because they felt a connection and one even said that when they go they want the same! A fabulous tribute to you both.Thanks again for giving my darling Steve the tribute he deserved.

Tina Simpson xx


23rd June 2017

Dear Gwyn

My sisters and I would like to say a big thank you for conducting the ceremony today.

Many people commented on the eulogy and how it reflected my mother as a person and also her life.  The little anecdotes that other people would not have known about made it feel very real.  We liked the little personal comments you added to this.

It was nice to get together as a family after the service and we also caught up with some old neighbours and friends that we had not see for many years.

The booklet you did was very professional and my mother would have liked the photographs.

It will be a nice heirloom to pass on to the future generations.

Many thanks once again for yours and Alison’s input.

Kindest regards

Andrea, Elaine and Lesley


21st June 2017

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for Monday. Mum and I thought the service went very well and while the words you spoke were lovely it was the tone of the message we thought captured the mood perfectly. It was a difficult time for us and but with your help we feel we gave dad the sort of service and send-off he would have approved of.

Thanks again for your help and support.

Kind Regards,



7th June 2017

Hi both

Thank you again for yesterday- it was an amazing service and you'll probably be getting a lot of business in the future as everyone I spoke to said they want you to do theirs when the time comes for them.

A few family members were asking if it would be possible to get extra copies of the memory book and we were wondering if it would be possible to buy an extra 9 copies? If so, how much would this be?

Many thanks



5th June 2017

Thank you for today  everyone said they enjoyed the service funerals are never nice but you put a smile on our face



1st April 2017

Dear Alison Gwyn

Lovey to have seen you yesterday.

I want to thank you for the lovely tribute that you paid John caught the essence of the man so perfectly.

The wonderful" InLoving Memory book "so beautifully presented

Will be treasured & constantly read by myself family &a friends

Thank you



27th March 2017

Good evening both

Thank you both for the wonderful service for mam.

Alison Matthews


10th February 2017

Hiya Gwyn and Alison

Just to say thank you for the beautiful serice for our mother/nan. Everyone commented how beautiful the service was and could of stayed there longer. The memorial books are absolutely stunning and thank you for all your hard work and giving her the send off she deserved.

Best wishes

Emma and Linda 


3rd February 2017

Hi Gwyn and Alison

Just a quick message to thank you both very much for the service today.  Your attention to every detail has touch us so much and we are truly grateful.  Everyone said how special the service was and we only have you both to thank for that.

Lastly may we also thank you for the precious memory books you gave us.  Such a lovely gift to sum up the special life Ros had and gave to others

Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts.

Best wishes,

Sarah-Kate & Martin xx


29th January 2017

Dear Gwyn and Alison.

 Absolutely perfectly compiled. My family, and indeed myself, have not finished crying , smiling and  most comforting, laughing.  Something we have seemed not to have done for many weeks. For this we thank you from the bottom of our broken hearts. This compilation could not have been more accurately recorded and presented.

Thank you so very much.

Mike ,Wendy and Family


25th January 2017

Hi I'm emailing to ask how I would go about getting another service book that you made for my mothers funeral? I would also like to thank you from the  bottom of my heart for the care and love that you put into my mothers service. You made the hardest time of my life a little easier. Knowing that you took such care was a big help. I'm sure all my family and all my mothers friends felt the same way.



23rd January 2017

Hi Gwyn and Alison

We want to thank you both for the lovely service you did for mam. It was exactly what we wanted and many people have commented on it being such a personal service. Some people thought you actually knew mam and others felt you had captured the spirit of her exactly.

You both provided a fantastic service and made the day less stressful.

Once again thank you very much

Pam and Julie


19th January 2017

How will I ever be able to thank you enough for the service you provided for our beloved Alan yesterday. Everyone and I mean absolutely everyone asked who you were and said how wonderful a send off it was. We did him proud and got in at 3.30 am I bet he was gutted he couldn't be there in person. On behalf of myself and the Jenkins clan Thank you so much.  Diane and the Jenkins family.xxxxxxxx


9th December 2016

Thanks to you both for today. I think it all went very well, not too long & not too short, just right. Both Martin & I are very pleased with what you've done for us. I would also like to say a big thank you on behalf of Dad to whom Mam is forever 'Christmas Shopping'

Thanks again

Anthony Jenkins


7th December 2016

Words can't express, the gratitude I feel for your beautiful service yesterday for my husband, friends ,& family can't stop saying how they have never heard a service like it, so personal,

So once again a huge thank you x.



2nd December 2016

Thank you both very much for your help over the last few weeks and for making the funeral as successful as any event of that type could ever be.

Adam southcombe


1st December 2016

Hi Gwyn and Alison

I didn't get the chance to thank you on Wednesday for the lovely service you provided for my mother. I know she would have appreciated it very much. I thought it was beautiful, and it made my day easier and much less sad. Members of the family and fiends have commented that it was a true reflection of her life and they enjoyed the service too.

Many thanks from me and all my family


Lynne Bull


28th November 2016

Dear Alison and Gwyn.

Thank you so much for your support and conduct of Mams service. All who attended have expressed the view that it was a fantastic celebration of her life and surprisingly all loved the music. It eas ironic that Freddie Mercury died 25 years ago that week.

I wish you every success for your future.

Best Regards



24th November 2016

Hi Gwyn and Alison.

On behalf of me and all the family, we would like to thank you both very much for the way in which you conducted mum’s funeral.

Everyone said how wonderful it was and that we did her proud. The book of remembrance was also a real talking point at the wake and brought back many memories for the family.

We cannot convey how much it was appreciated so once again thank you both very much.

Jan & Mark Thomas


27th October 2016

Thank you for today


Sheree and family




22nd October 2016

Good morning both,

I just want to thank you for the lovely service you provided my mam with recently. We truly felt she had an amazing and heartfelt send off. As I imagined a lot of our family wants a copy of the booklet you provided. There's 9 altogether. Is  this ok?

Thank you 




28th September 2016

Dear Gwyn and Alison

I must write to thank you for the way you conducted the service for my dear husband Phil. It was so moving, dignified and warm and very much appreciated by myself Sue, Pete, Lee and all the family. I am so pleased to tell you that Anna and Sam had a beautiful baby boy (Remy Peter Philip Bryant on the 16th September, our great grandson .

I must also thank you for your beautiful commemorative remembrance with photographs, it will be treasured as a family memento of a very special man who I was privileged to  share my life with for sixty six years.

Best wishes to you both,,,



11th September 2016

Dear Gwyn and Alison,

Now that we have had time to reflect on my Dad's funeral and mum has had time to sit quietly and read the beautiful tribute that you put together for him, we would just like to say a huge thank you to you both for making this sad occasion a good memory for us.

The time and thought that you put into the eulogy and poem for Dad was more than we could have expected in our wildest hopes and the written momento that you gave us as a record of the funeral has brought tears of sadness and happiness to our eyes.

You have really found your vocation in life and you perform it with such compassion, humanity and dignity that anyone using your services, like us, would feel honoured and grateful that you were part of such a pivotal day in their lives.

A huge THANK YOU once again, to you both.

With warmest wishes,

Kitty Richard, Janine Richard, Robert Richard and Denise and Rob Santilli


17th August 2016

Hi Gwyn and Alison,

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank-you very much for yesterday.

The service was a touching / moving tribute to our father. We couldn't have wished for anything better.

Once again thank-you both very much.

Best Wishes

Neil Goff


30th July 2016

Many thanks for the lovely service yesterday.



30th July 2016

Morning Gwyn/Alison I would just like to say thanks from all the family for the service that you gave.

We had some very good comments on how the service was presented and how well it all went and it was much appreciated.




28th July 2016

Hi Gwyn and Alison

Thank you so much for such a lovely service and once again thanks for all your understanding and patience.

Everything went off without a hitch! I think we did her proud.

Val and Julia


29th June 2016

Thank you both for the beautiful service you gave my boy xx



6th June 2016

Gwyn & Alison

I would like to relate my feelings on the way you conducting Steve’s funeral service last Friday – not only was very professional but it was also said with warmth and feeling not just for Steve but also for all concerned.

I’m sure it can’t be easy to include suitable words that keep a long term  fiancé and 2 wives happy, and I know I can only speak for myself but I’m sure you did that last Friday.  The crematorium was filled with laughter through-out that service and surely that is how a good-bye along with a celebration of someone’s life should be.

If I didn’t know better the words that were spoken that day seemed to come from someone who had known him for years and that made everything you both said so meaningful…so thank-you both and Gwyn – that poem you wrote was so good (you need to get a publisher!)

Kind regards

Gill xx


1st June 2016

Review left on facebook

Gwyn and Alison conducted my mother's funeral. They were so easy to deal with at such an emotional time and the service was absolutely fabulous- just what my mother would have wanted.

They listen to exactly what you want and guide you through the details, making a difficult issue much easier. They are highly recommended



23rd May 2016

Hi Gwyn & Alison

My dad & all us children would like to say a huge thankyou for the service you did for my mam .

It was absolutely amazing and beautiful .

Thank you so much the Palmer clan xxx


14th May 2016

Dear Gwyn and Alison,I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for all you've done for us over the past two weeks. Firstly, the service yesterday was, and I quote from the comments I received yesterday "absolutely fantastic". Tough guys were moved to tears by your words and you certainly brought home the message about depression awareness and how this tragically affected Suse. On top of this you brought humour and humanity to the day. So on behalf of the family please accept our deep felt gratitude.

I also want to thank you for the memorial album which the girls were delighted with and will keep forever.

Just one apology. I am sorry I couldn't send more time with you both yesterday. I really wanted to chat more but frankly the number of people who wanted share their thoughts and condolences was overwhelming and as a result,  I seemed to be dragged from one corner of the room to the other particularly, it seemed when I was making my way to your table.


Thanks so much once again.


Much love

Gomes, Rebecca, Kelsey, Olwen, Tisher and Julien


21st March 2016

Hi Gwyn and Alison, thank you for giving Auntie Mabel a lovely service,

kind regards Jackie and family x


21st March 2016


A huge thank you from myself and the my family for today's service.  It was lovely and so personal.

With the words you put together and the choir being there I know that dad would of approved at the send off given.


Once again many thanks.


Janet x


18th March 2016

Gwyn, Alison. Just wanted to say, thank you for today. You did my father justice and really brought something different to the service!


Thanks again,




16th March 2016

Only a quick email to thank you once again for today.

Everyone said what a beautiful service it was.

Thank you



11th March 2016

Hello Gwyn & Alison,

First I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the service you did for my dad, it was so personal and it was as if you knew him for years. It has helped me a great deal.I am sending this email to ask if it is possible for me to purchase a copy of the memory book you did for us. It's amazing and would like one for myself.Could you let me know if this is possible.

Thank you so much again



1st March 2016

Dear Gwyn and Alison

I would just like to thank you for the lovely eulogy you delivered for dad yesterday . It was beautifully written and a very fitting tribute and as a family we couldn’t have asked for better . It made a sad occasion a lot easier  and far more uplifting . I loved the  poem you wrote it was humorous and touching . It has been lovely meeting you both

Thank you again so much for all you have done

Kind regards

Fiona , Stella and Sandra


26th February 2016

Hi Both

Thank you both so much for doing my dads funeral, everybody was overwhelmed with Gwyn. He done a amazing job. Is it possible to order another memorial book please?




19th February 2016

Hi Gwyn, Alison and Bev.

Many thanks for the lovely service that you did for Mam,  everybody commented on the readings and how it was done in a professional but compassionate  way. Once again many thanks and hope to hear from you soon




16th February 2016

Hello Gwyn & Alison

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the service yesterday. Myself and the all the family and friends said how nice it was. My Uncle Dave and cousins were able to smile and enjoyed some of the memories along with us as well.

Thank you again.



13th February 2016

Hi Gwyn & Alison

Thank you very much for sending the service through. it's beautiful

Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you soon.

Charlotte and Maureen


12th February 2016

Hi Gwyn & Allison

I would like to express on behalf of the whole family our fullest gratitude for the way you helped us portray the true person that Nigel was. You managed to sum him up in your lovely poem and we thank you both for your kindness and consideration over the past week. We couldn't have asked for any better for Nigel and we achieved it with your help, it really was a celebration of his life.

Thank you



9th February 2016

Hi both,

My family and I would just like to say a huge thank you for everything you did for Granch's service. It was perfect and we have had so many lovely comments about how lovely and touching it was. Thank you for the extras with the photo and the memory book, we will cherish them forever.

Kind Regards,

Hannah and Family x


29th January 2016

Hi Both

A very big thank you for the service you did yesterday.  Everybody said you were great.  So thank you very much.

David & Zoe x


20th January 2016

Hello Gwyn and Alison. 

My family and I wish to thank you whole heartedly for your talk yesterday. My father was particularly touched.  Several people approached us afterwards to also comment on how lovely the service was and how personal it was to my brother Lee.

Many thanks again to both of you for your support and help during a very difficult time for us.

Kindest regards,



6th January 2016

Hi Gwyn

Ashley and I just want to thank you and Bev for the professional service and compassion shown to us all during such a difficult time. The booklet provided is special to Ashley and a real nice touch to remember Hazel.

Thanks again

Kind regards

Jonathan and Ashley


18th November 2015

Thank you so much Gwyn and Alison for the wonderful send off Bob received - everybody said what a great service it was -Bob would have loved it thank you both from the bottom of our hearts

Mo,Lynn, Carol and Eric


12th November 2015

Hi Alison, myself and Sam are so pleased with all the work that’s gone into this. It’s a perfect tribute to my Dad, I’ll always be grateful to you for this, thank you so much!



1st November 2015

Hi Alison and Gwyn,

Thank you again for the great service. Can I please order 5 copies of the memorial book .

Many thanks again.



15th October 2015

Hi Alison, I just wanted to say thanks to you and Gwyn for today.

I am returning to Guernsey tomorrow and didn't want to leave without my profound thanks to you both.

My mum was so pleased with everything you did for Dad, he would have been proud of his special farewell.

You made a difficult day go with ease and for this I thank you on behalf of the family.

Thanks again.



10th October 2015

Hi Gwyn and Alison

Just wanted to say a massive thank you both for making yesterday such a memorable service for us all, myself and the family felt you made us so proud,family and friends all said what a refreshing change to most funerals they had been to myself included. Again we couldn't thank you both enough for doing such a great service. Thank you Thank you Thank you.



30th September 2015

Dear gwyn and alison can i say a big thank you for the way dads fund rel went on friday we have had so much feed back from every one that came from cracking tribute to dad and best fund rel ever been to and what a brilliant man you were amy also had a lot of good feed back for her poem you would never had guessed  that was her first time to stand up and speak her mam said thank you for standing so strong by the side of her she would not of done it without you  every thing was perfect  best wishes to you both from us.



28th September 2015

Thank you so much for a brilliant service. My dad would have loved it!!! All the family & friends did too & a lot of people have been asking about your celebrations of life. What a fabulous send off!!! Cant thank you enough.

Love The Evans' xxxx


27th September 2015

Dear Alison and Gwyn,

My family and i would like to thank you both for the service you gave John during his funeral, everyone who attended were very touched at the send off he received this was borne out by the attendance that day.  I like to think it was a happy occasion as far as funerals go it was'nt all doom and gloom, every one liked our choice of music although more than a few tears were shed as well.  Sometimes happy can come out of sad, the day before the funeral we made contact with John's nephew from Aberdare whom we lost touch with 30yrs ago so it did have its happy moments and it reconciled a family



11th September 2015

Thank you so much for the amazing service you did yesterday it was lovely the send off she deserved. Would it be possible for me to buy another book of the service off you please it's beautiful x



9th September 2015

Thank you very much for making this sad time easier x



29th August 2015

Thank you both for a lovely send off for our son

Stuart & Michelle


28th August 2015 

Let me thank you once again for yesterday.  Everybody said how much they enjoyed the service, if you can enjoy a funeral.



24th August 2015

Hi Gwyn & Alison

My family would like to say a big thank you for Dad’s service last Thursday.  Many people attending commented on how lovely the service was,

Kind regards



21st August 2015


I would like to thank you very much for giving Christine such a lovely sensitive send off yesterday.  Everyone was touched by her service and we thought how kind and considerate you were.

Thank you.

Adele & John


17th August 2015

Once again thanks to you both for what you did for us.  Good luck with your venture




27th July 2015

I just wanted to thank you very much for the brilliant eulogy you gave at my husband's funeral.  You must have put in so many hours, an enormous amount of work.

Everyone I spoke to thought you were incredible.  They paid you so many compliments.



10th July 2015

I would like to thank you both for the service today I have had plenty of people saying it is the type of funeral they would like.

You done Bernard Suzie and myself proud and his son and daughter said how nice it was.

Once again a big thank you



4th July 2015

Hi Gwyn and Ali

Many thanks for a beautiful ceremony , it really touched our hearts to have you there to share in our grief but also in our celebration of her life. I will give you a ring in a few days if that is ok.

Once again many thanks

simon and donna


3rd July 2015

Hi Gwyn thank-you for the lovely service on Tuesday. Our family and friends have all commented on how lovely and personal  it was and how you had captured the type of man Chris was.

Thanks again for the lovely service.

Regards Sue


29th June 2015

Gwyn and Alison, good morning both,

As I that said at the time, very many and sincere thanks, for carrying out mam’s service last Tuesday.

The booklet you produced is superb and an excellent way of capturing the service along with the photos of my mother and family at various times throughout her life.

Again, very many thanks



28th June 2015

Thank you for the booklet you produced of Janet's life.  We really appreciate it.  Your compassion and professionalism shone through in a very difficult time.

Best Wishes

Gerald & Family


22nd June 2015

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you both for the wonderful service you did for my dad last Friday 19th June 2015.

The number of compliments we have received from people who were at the funeral and people who couldn't make it but had heard about it from their friends is amazing.

I think we all laughed and we all cried and as one of the bearers said, he had never been to a funeral and laughed so much in the nicest, possible way. I'm sure my dad would have been proud of it as well.

I have passed your contact details on to a number of people. Once again, many thanks for making a really sad day, a happy one in the end.

Kind Regards

Susan Griffiths & Family


21st June 2015 Review on Facebook

I have nothing but good things to say about Alison and gwyn. They did the service for my nan Friday. We are more than happy with her send off. It was so nice to have a celebration of my nans life and I think she'd be very happy with the service. The poem gwyn wrote was amazing. Thank you so much for your support both.

Lauren Xx


17th June 2015

Hi Alison and Gwyn

Lots of people take the time to complain but never take the time to say thank you, my Dad was very special and I would like to say thank you, to you both, for giving my Dad a lovely send off, the number of people who have come up to Mum and said what a lovely service it was and of course how Victoria stood up there and did her poem, but I would like to thank you for for kindness and giving us the service Dad would have wanted, some of the comments were they could have listened to Gwyn all day.

Although I live in England there's no one like us Welsh for caring, my roots are at home in Wales

Thank you again and all the best for the future

Kind Regards



9th June 2015 Facebook Post

I Buried my Oldest son Jeffery April 20th 2015. I wish to thank all those who attended and for all the condolences of those who could not.

Richards Funeral Directors Who are based in trecynon, Aberdare Buried my husband and now my son. The service they gave was second to none. It was done with dignity, care and i would recommend them to anyone.

As regards to Gwyn davies & his wife Alison who run Human touch wales, they were the warm welsh people who took the time to listen to everything that was said, and i wish to thank them for theyre care and consideration, Gwyns wife alison made a lovely album for me of the funeral and also of jeffs life, i will have to order more smile emoticon.

It was a lovely funeral, we celebrated jeffs life, and left comforted by his friends and family, with friends, good neigbours and family beside me makes life a little easier to bear when tradgedies happen



3rd June 2015

I just want to say thanks so much for a lovely service and send off my nan. It couldn't have gone any better.



11th May 2015

Hi Gwyn and Alison,  I would just like to take this opportunity on behalf of me,  dad,  and michelle  to say a very big thank you for the great service you provided for us today, it was a really really fitting tribute to mam.

Everyone passed comment on how suited the service was to mam.

Thanks again.

Regards Wayne.


3rd April 2015 Review left on Facebook

On behalf of all the family and friends who were at the funeral, I'd just like to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts, for what you did for us. Everyone has been saying what an incredible service you provided, at this very sad time. It was certainly very different, and what Martin would have wanted. The poem and eulogy were incredible, and you manage to encapsulate everything that Martin was, and stood for.

At times, there didn't seem to be a dry eye, then there was laughter. I don't think I will ever forget the day. Whenever we speak of Martins funeral, there will always be a mention for you guys, and will always be in our memories. I have to say Gwyn, you have a very special gift, in making people feel special in times of grief. Thank you so much.....


Steve, Jo, Mary & Terry


10th March 2015

Thank you for delivering such a lovely service yesterday. I know my dad would've been very proud.

My mam is taking great comfort from the memorial book. It is such a lovely touch.

Thank you both for helping us through this.

Best wishes

Kathryn and Family


5th March 2015

Dear Gwyn and Alison,

Just a quick e mail, on behalf of myself and the extended family, to say thank you for the caring and dignified service you carried out for Mam yesterday.

Even though I knew what you were going to say, the way it was put across was, well, lovely, and I really believe the way Mam would have liked.

The folder is amazing, the thought, time and effort put in has, for me, been so worthwhile, everything we said about Mam was in the folder, one way or another.

I really can't thank you enough for everything, and if you ever, which I doubt you will, need someone as a reference, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you so much

Best Wishes



27th February 2015

Thank you for a beautiful service today everything was perfect thank you so much. It was lovely to see it was all about Kevin that's exactly what we wanted xxxx



10th February 2015

I would like to thank Eleanor Morgan and Debbie Cole for putting me in touch with www.humantouchwales.uk

Gwyn & Alison Davies are without doubt very personal and passionate about their Service.- Rob Cole


7th February 2015

Hi Gwyn, just want so say thank you so much to you and Alison for a wonderful service. You made the day as easy as it could have been. Every word you spoke was sincere and from the heart. Thanks again- Michael & Laura


17th January 2015

Gwyn and Alison conducted a really heartwarming service at my 17 year old daughters funeral. They are both full of genuine compassion at obviously a hard time for all.

The welcome, poems, eulogy basically everything summed up my daughters life, which included laughter as well the sadness of her loss ..... THANK YOU xx

Thank you sooo sooo much! Such special words spoken xxx – Michelle


23rd December 2014

We are very thankful we meet such nice people as yourselves. You helped us through a sad time. The service you provided was first class- Jackie and Ron


19th November 2014

Gwyn - many, many thanks to you and Alison for the wonderful record you’ve pulled together of Dad’s funeral; Morwyn and I will treasure it forever, as it’s a perfect reminder of how the day turned out.

It was our intention to make it a joyous occasion and, with your direction, it proved as such. So many people came up to us afterwards and said how much they enjoyed being reminded of what a unique and wonderful person Dad was, and how they couldn’t feel sad when there was so much love around.

Thanks again, and good luck in all you do.

Ken & Morwyn